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Goals and Vision


"Young Leaders of all Faiths Serving Together for Peace"


     Our mission is to provide an environment wherein youth can rise above doctrinal differences, unite in activities of service and learning, and develop leadership abilities that enable them to help create a culture of peace.


  1. Provide youth from diverse cultures and faiths with alternatives to violence.
  2. Offer service opportunities which allow the breakdown of barriers, foster altruism, facilitate friendship and build community.
  3. Develop and apply best practice models of leadership, human cooperation and relationship.
  4. Increase effective leadership abilities, learned by experience. 
  5. Create settings wherein intercultural experiences can occur.
  6. Give opportunities to express and share spirituality and/or religious traditions with others.  
  7. Provide occasions to hear from community and religious leaders, and explore the peace building characteristics of their cultures.
  8. Encourage meaningful interaction, allowing insights from interaction immediately to be applied to promoting peace.
  9. Cultivate learning by reflection.
  10. Assure succession, replication and expansion of RYS human capital through education and training.

Core Values:

  • People Centered and Participant Driven
  • Growth and Development
  • Friendship and Collaboration
  • Maximum Diversity and Impartiality


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