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RYS Volunteer Information

Acceptance Process

  Individuals who are confident in their own spiritual/religious tradition, but who are
  respectful of and open to learning about other traditions have made RYS a success for
  the past 20 years. At RYS we create peace as we learn from and support each other in
  our common spiritual journeys.
To become an RYS Volunteer, you must:
    1. Read and agree to abide by the Participant Guidelines.
    2. Be available for an interview. (preferably in person, or by phone)
    3. Please download, complete, and return the MEDICAL RELEASE FORM
    4. Contact the specific project service coordinator for the project which you are applying. The service coordinator will supply you with the necessary application forms and guidelines.
  Apply only if you are prepared to pay for your own travel to the project.
  Participant fees vary depending on the project.
  Travel insurance is available: http://www.eglobalhealth.com/RYS.html

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