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Siberia, Russia August 11-21

Young Leaders Create a Peace Park in Siberia

In an effort to promote a culture of peace, Religious Youth Service (RYS) and Universal Peace Federation (UPF) invite young representatives from different nationalities and religions to take part in the creation of a Peace Park near the House of National Cultures in Novosibirsk.

The Peace Park will be the visual expression of cooperation between people of different nationalities, races, and religious backgrounds working together for the sake of peace and harmony on our planet. In addition to the creation of the Peace Park, participants will have the opportunity to visit religious communities in the city, share their own life journey and gain inspiration from creating a new culture of heart. By working together with other youth focused on common goals, they will pave a way toward lasting peace. 

The project is based on learning through action, and empowering young people to improve their skills and talents while creating an ideal community. This peace-building strategy is the application of the principle of living for others through service. In this city, the effort to create a community culture is also one that promotes spiritual growth and dynamic character among the participants.

The Peace Park is envisioned as a place where the House of National Cultures could hold festive ethnic events becoming a symbol of interethnic and intercultural harmony in Novosibirsk.

Novosibirsk is considered to be a cultural center of Siberia. It is the third largest city in Russia in terms of population and, in particular, it is a multi-religious city with 93 officially registered religious organizations. The dominate religion is the Orthodox Church with the largest following. There are orthodox monasteries, spiritual schools, new churches and old temples under restoration. Other religions represented in the area are Islam, Catholicism, and Judaism.

We welcome all to this stimulating and creative project.

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