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Anse-la Raye, St. Lucia, August 2 -12, 2011

St. Lucia Leadership Program

St. Lucia is one the most beautiful islands of the Caribbean and is becoming a popular tourist site for North America, Canada and Europe.

RYS St. Lucia 2011 will be held in Anse-la-Raye, a poor fishermen’s village about 10 miles from the capital city Castries on the West coast. Scheduled for August 2 –12, the project will accommodate over 25 volunteers (10 international participants, 10 local participants and 5 staff members) from diverse cultures and religions.  Participants will take part in a classic RYS experiential leadership program, including leadership exercises, lectures and discussion, interreligious sharing, sightseeing and contributing through community service.

Working in cooperation with the Village Council and the Club Sixties, volunteers will renovate several seniors’ homes in the village―small wooden houses, all needing a fresh coat of paint, and some requiring structural renovation as well.

The second project includes activity with village youth. During the summer holidays, there are very few activities for young people. RYS participants will therefore organize activities for the local youth―talent shows, crafts and sports. They will also lead discussion groups on various topics.  The young people are very friendly and look forward to meeting RYS representatives.

Time is also scheduled for participants to enjoy the Anse-la-Raye beaches, affording them the chance to swim in the warm blue Caribbean Sea. There will be opportunities to visit the famous Sulphur Springs and the magnificent twin “Pitons” (coastal mountains).

This summer we invite you to become a part of this community and create unforgettable memories by serving and sharing on the beautiful island of St. Lucia.

Project cost:  International          $450
                  Local/Regional         $150

Email: info@religiousyouthservice.org


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