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     RYS Projects are experiential, social service-learning programs that stand as models for creating peace among the people of the world.

     A project is usually 10-12 days long and involves around 25-45 participants and staff. Projects are divided into three periods: orientation, service and reflection. The experiential learning model is applied to all activities thereby giving each participant an opportunity to learn from any experience.

     In the Religious Youth Service project each participant represents his/her culture or faith and contributes to the best of his or her abilities, while engaging in interaction, service and learning. This is the basis of deep interpersonal experiences and understanding. Our project is designed to draw out the best qualities of each person's culture or faith, and furthermore, to broaden the horizons of all involved.

     The RYS project includes a variety of cultural programs, educational seminars and optional sightseeing opportunities. These activities give each participant an opportunity to share with others from around the world while learning through experience about local culture.

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